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I believe in your Magnificence.
I know that whatever you dream, you can create,
and I support you in living your highest vision of yourself.
You have special gifts to offer the world,
and in offering those gifts you will
receive a life of Joy, Peace and Laughter.

My Dream is to live and love each day
fully present with the beauty that exists in this world.
That Beauty is You!
And Me!
And all that surrounds us
and all that is within us.

I invite you to join me on this journey of self discovery.

Peace and Grace!
Christine Brondyke
Christine Brondyke

“I’m telling you, I think that Christine is one evolved woman. That is what I call ‘Getting It’”

—Oprah Winfrey,
Jan 2003 Oprah Show “More Advice for Violent Families”

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